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Have you ever opened a new account and a credit sheet comes along with the purchase order? It is requesting a net of 30, 60, or 90 terms. You look at the credit sheet, which looks like it was created 50 years ago; it’s a photocopy of a photocopy of a… you get the picture. The company's basic information is handwritten across the top, and below, there’s a list of references. Looking at this historical sheet, you try and decide whether or not to call any of the references. Is it really worth your time to contact companies that were handpicked from a much larger list? The company surely can’t be crazy enough to list somebody who has had problems with them. What you really need to know is what vendors that are not listed have to say.  

In our experience, most companies have every intention of paying on time. If there is a delay, a simple email or phone call usually resolves the problem. There are millions of great companies that treat vendors as partners and each side works together with mutual respect. They understand that their success is dependent on you, the vendor, providing a great product or service. Those companies should be highlighted and praised for their professionalism, integrity, and dependability.  

However, there are some companies that mistreat and abuse vendors. They place a large order at a trade show, and then once the order is received, they disappear. Emails and phone calls aren’t returned, the owner can’t be found, and the prospect of ever receiving a check becomes more and more unlikely. Or, perhaps you set up a sales appointment with a customer who is out of state. You drive all day to make the appointment on time. Once you arrive, you discover they decided to go on vacation that day without letting you know. The sad reality is that this happens more often than you would think. These customers cynically neglect their vendors. After a series of bad experiences like these you wish you had never started working with them. Perhaps you find out later on that this had happened to others, but at that point it was too late. You’ve wasted your time, money, and sanity.  

Our mission at Net30Advisor is to highlight great companies and warn you of those to avoid. We aim to transition out of date credit sheets out of the picture by providing genuine customer reviews allowing you, the vendor, to make a more informed decision whether or not to extend credit to, or work with, a potential customer. Great companies should be praised, while poor companies must be called out about unacceptable business practices.

Our priority is to gather real reviews from real vendor; to educate you, our customers, by offering insight into business processes and managerial techniques that target your bottom line. As we grow, our goal is to offer additional training, provide more ways for vendors to connect, and highlight great companies with great practices. Whether you’re a CEO, small business owner, entry level account payable associate, sales rep, accounts receivable manager, or in any other position, Net30Advisor is here to help you.